Fly, Baby, Fly, On the 60s Style Winged Liner


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How to Draw a Winged Eye

Ready, Set, Take off!

Winged eyeliner is the quintessential beauty oxymoron.  It gives an au naturel look to a fresh face and at the same time creates a dramatic eye that begs to be the center of attention.

The only baggage weighing you down from taking flight is the potential hazard of messing up black liquid eyeliner.  To avoid raccoon eyes, doB has collected the best tips for drawing winged eyeliner.  You’ll look as sophisticated as Sophia Loren, the 1960s queen of lined lashes.

DoB fluttered to Glamour and fashionista Lauren Conrad for the best tips:

  • If you’re a liquid liner newbie, first use a light eye pencil to sketch your winged line.  Trace over the line with liquid liner later.
  • The line should start thin at the inner corners and grow fatter as it turns into the winged shape at the outer corners.
  • Follow the natural shape of your eye and draw the line as close to the lashes as possible.
  • Once you finish lining, try not to blink for at least 10-15 seconds to allow the liquid liner to dry.
  • Compare both eyes to make sure the lines are symmetrical and fix the line with a pointed Q-tip.

liquid eye linerPractice makes perfect.  Known for rocking the winged liner, Lauren can practically draw perfect winged eyes in her sleep.  Check out her video to follow her step-by-step guide for an everyday modern update to Sophia Loren’s sexy cat eyes.

Join a different kind of mile high club.

Soon you’ll be flying first class.

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