DIY Easter Decorations


DIY Easter decorations

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The doB Bunny’s Nest

Are you egg-cited for Easter yet?

Get crafty with DIY Easter decorations that you can re-use every year.  We love the idea of “feathering” your “nest” with personal touches that look as good, if not better than, the pre-made decorations at Williams-Sonoma.  Here are several ideas for decorations that will be eggs-quisite for your home.

Papier-Mache Nests – Make paper nests for your Easter eggs with anything from newspaper to brown lunch bags.  Follow a simple papier-mache process using a small bowl. Lightly press dry paper strips along the outside to create a fringe effect.  Your Easter eggs nest is perfect for decorating any table top! (Source: living.msn.com)


DIY Easter Decorations

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Paint Chips Easter Garland – Another simple idea is this garland made from paint chips that you get at stores like Home Depot as color samples.  Use an egg template to trace eggs onto the back of each card.  Cut out the eggs, punch two small holes at the top of each egg, and thread them onto cord or string.  Then, hang the garland wherever it will make the room look eggs-tra special!


DIY Easter Decorations

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Easter Butterfly Tree – For indoors or outdoors, this butterfly tree is guaranteed to beautify your home.  Start with a ceramic pot in which you can arrange artificial branches.  Create paper butterflies from note cards or any kind of pretty paper and hang butterflies on the branches. Your tree will be an eternal symbol of Spring!

From doB – Have a very hop-py and egg-cellent Easter!

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