Color Blocking for Nails


Rock & Baroque nail polish collection by Yves Saint Laurent

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Tips-y From Color Blocking the Runway

Get drunk off the color blocking trend.

If you’re like me, being tips-y is balls-y enough.  A color blocking French manicure is like haute couture for your nails.  It’s less daring than color blocking your clothes, but makes an à la mode statement all the same.

This classic remake is easy to do at home.  Let your creativity run rampant and choose as many nail polish colors as your little Matisse heart desires.  I decided to do the same color block for every nail with Zoya Bevin as the base and Zoya Addison on the tips.  Apply two coats of the base polish to your nails, layer on your topcoat, then let dry for as long as possible (ideally about an hour) to avoid smudging in the next step.

Zoya AddisonNow depending on your comfort level, there are two methods to applying the tip color.  You can either place a strip of tape across the entire nail except for the tip area or you can use French manicure tape to section off just the tip for coloring.  Apply two coats of the second color to your tips and reapply your topcoat to avoid any noticeable ridging between the two colors.  Et voilà, color blocking at your fingertips!

A twist on the French manicure isn’t the only pattern in this color blocking trend.  Do a simple Google or YouTube, search and you’ll find tutorials on color blocking with chevron stripes, Mondrian squares, and zigzagging diagonals.  The world is your oyster and color blocking is your aphrodisiac.

Be tips-y.  Be colorful.  Be doB beautiful.

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