Who’s that doB girl? Stephanie Goldman


Stephanie GoldmanWho Wears Short Shorts?  Nair For Short Shorts?

No. No More Hair For Short Shorts

Wax on. Wax off.

The Brazilian wax is not that simple and while we admire many things associated with Brazil; Gisele, pine nuts and Carnival, a painful pull with inevitable ingrowns got us looking for a better option.

Who: Stephanie Goldman, certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Where: Contemporary Laser, 123 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024

Why: Because no more hairs = no more cares

When did you start in this business? I started in this business over 20 years ago.  I looked into electrolysis (back then there was no laser), and decided that was for me. Ten years later, laser was introduced, and I went in full force.

What laser do you use? There are many different types of lasers for hair removal.  I work with the Gentlelase Plus which is an Alexandrite laser.  I honestly believe that all of the lasers work, the difference is the technician.  If the tech knows how to work the laser and knows about hair and skin, you should get good results.

Ideal candidate is? The ideal candidate is Caucasian with dark hair.  However, there are machines now for all skin types, but the hair still must be dark.

Does laser hurt? Laser can be painful, but there is no reason someone should be so uncomfortable that they jump off the table and leave.  There are many settings on all lasers.  If it hurts, turn down the setting!

How does it compare to waxing or electrolysis? It doesn’t.  The difference between electrolysis and laser is a rotary phone of the 1940’s to an iPhone or blackberry. With laser, your goal is beautiful skin and never have a hair issue again.  With waxing you are going to have a monthly expenditure for life, not to mention ingrown stubble and constant irritation.

Is laser for men and women?  YES!

How many sessions? Each person, each area is different. Treatments in the beginning will be scheduled on a timely basis (6-8 weeks apart).  As treatments progress, they get less common.  Soon there will be none at all (or if you are hair neurotic- one touch up a year).

What is in your makeup bag? Oh boy. At 52 I take everything with me; Bobbi brown foundation powder, YSL cover up, Lancome waterproof eyeliner, MAC blush and Revlon color stay lipstick.  No mascara! I’m addicted to eyelash extensions.

If you are not lasering?  I’m playing golf.



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