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lemonadeIf Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade with Lululemon

Squeeze those Lululemons.

Try saying Lululemon three times in a row, as fast as you can and you may find your tongue in a twist.  If you’re like me, you’ll also be wondering, where did Lululemon come from and why haven’t I heard of Lululemon until a few years ago?

Simply put, it’s the Canada effect.  Lululemon was founded in Canada and opened its first store in Vancouver back in 1998.  When Lululemon finally hit U.S. shores, fit fashionistas everywhere caught on to the brand’s appealing line of exercise clothing, mainly for yoga and running.  And while the clothing is undeniably pricey, women can’t help but bite their tongue and spring for at least something Lululemon.

wunder under

Photo Credit lululemon.com

The Wunder Under pants are nothing short of incredible.  Not only can you wear them to yoga class but the Wunder Under is good enough to wear as everyday leggings.  Why does the Wunder Under feel so good down under?  Well Lululemon’s yoga line uses a special fabric called luon® that offers the following qualities:

  • luon® is wicking, offers 4-way stretch and is preshrunk
  • the high percentage of LYCRA® in the fabric means it will not stretch or bag out
  • the nylon used in luon® is made to feel cottony soft at the yarn stage which is why it offers such great coverage

Luon® stretches and conforms to your body’s natural shape in the most amazing way.

In fact, the Wunder Under is proven to boost your booty to flattering new heights!

Groove Pant

Photo Credit lululemon.com

If you prefer a looser yoga pant, the Groove pants are also made with their signature luon® fabric and come in a variety of patterned waistbands.

For hot yoga lovers such as myself, I swear by the Boogie Short, which makes me feel light and refreshed, like drinking a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day all while sweating uncontrollably in the downward dog position.

Conclusion – make lemonade with Lululemon and indulge in their comfortable and fashionable exercise gear.  You won’t be disappointed and your thirst will be sweetly satiated!

So Wunder  no longer, get your Groove on and do the Boogie .

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