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This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee…licious

Stop playing Dodgeball with your children’s food.

I nanny in New York City.  While I get to spend sunny days in Central Park in a laid back “uniform,” I am often counted on for creating healthy meals that won’t have me playing Hide-and-Seek from soaring squash.

Red Rover, Red Rover send your best recipes over.

Weelicious, started by model and mom Catherine McCord, focuses on educating families to cook together making eating those meals more than just about sneaking in the vegetables.  They believe that a hands-on experience will get kids excited about the food rather than having you do your best Airplane impression to force those fruits and veggies down the hatch.

Follow the Leader to a better lunch.


Photo Credit weelicious.com

I have the perfect test subject, a 22 month old who loves her apples but hates her peas.  My mission: to not play our typical Keep Away.  The Italian Green Vegetable Puree might as well have been a sugar-laced gummy bear.  Easy with leftovers? Okay, I’ll accept the award for nanny of the year now.


Photo Credit weelicious.com

Even better, Weelicious had a Strawberry Milk recipe featured on People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog that is not only kid friendly, but, and I’m ashamed to admit, so good that I enjoyed it with a few girlfriends while watching Bridesmaids.  Is staying gluten free a problem in your household?  No worries because Catherine has a whole page dedicated to it. The Yukon Gold Potato Fans are certainly next on my list to try!

Kick The Can of over salted vegetables.

De…(cough, cough) Weelicious!



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