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Put Down Photoshop, Pick Up the Polaroid

Forget fast food.  Your style order is up.

If your Facebook profile picture is of your pampered pooch, then you are like me. I hate my appearance in candids.  Big blemishes and freakish fly-aways made it look like I’d been through a windstorm when I’d really just failed at attempting a blow-out.

I’ll have a large bun with a side of smokey eyes.

Vensette, an online hair and make-up style booking system, gives even the busiest New Yorkers an opportunity to look their best with the most professional results.  In three easy steps you can pick your desired date and time, preferred make-up style and haute hair look for your big event or post-break up pick me up. New York Magazine even included it in their Best of New York 2012 edition.

The #2 please: magnificent make-up with to die for tresses.

While the packages may seem pricey (between $250 and $375), the picture perfect look is well worth it. Whether for your engagement party, meeting his parents or for your second 29th birthday, the creation by industry professionals will be priceless. I am personally hungry to try the Infusion look with the Capri hairstyle when I make my ladies’ beach trip later this month.  Even if you can’t find a style you like, Vensette will help you create a custom look.

Refreshing Cleanser

Photo Credit tataharperskincare.com

Not all of our dishin’ dolls can travel to New York to experience this service, so take a look at Tata Harper’s Skincare (Vensette uses her products).  Manufacturing natural and non-toxic skincare products, Tata’s line will “improve vitality, foster radiance and inspire and overall sense of well-being.”  I am sold and will soon try her Refreshing Cleaner.

Trendy take-out.  Indulge in this order and you’ll look gorgeous.

Please pull around.


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