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Spring Cleaning

A wellness ride down Organic Avenue.

What do you need to cleanse?  Your eating habits, partying lifestyle, “workout life”, apartment, love life? Organic Avenue will put you on a healthy path to conquering it all.

I just experienced a battering break-up.  You know the one; where you made a wrong turn and entered crazy town?  It’s hard to find our way out of situations sometimes without being figuratively covered in &*#@.

Stop! Make a U-turn.

Organic Avenue

Photo Credit OrganicAvenue.com

A cleanse of any sort is good for the mind, body and soul.  Why not start from the inside out?  Heck, that’s what doB is all about! Since healing begins on the inside, Organic Avenue has a full line of juices, foods, snacks and supplements that can help you get started.  Try the Green LOVE*, which is a staple, and maybe add a side of Rawnola Granola.  You’ll get a taste of the products before going for a full cleanse program.

With multiple programs available, you can choose the best one for your lifestyle.  I’m a newbie, so the LOVE*easy cleanse which incorporates raw food and juice will be exactly my ticket to ride.  If you aren’t sure what’s best for you, Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed co-founder Denise Mari who will give you a little direction.

Wait! Pull over.

Most juice cleanses are fairly pricey and Organic Avenue’s $2 bottle deposit might deter you.  Well, our friends at Well+Good have posted that starting next month the deposit will make the final turn to a full exit.

Move along.

With many locations already in existence, a brand new location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and a delivery system for our divas across the country, you can park it right in your own home and wait for the juices to be delivered to you (though we recommend going along with the cleanse theme and getting that new you to a gym).

This Spring clean your closet (add a sparkly shoe), your pantry (add some Organic Avenue) and your life (add some LOVE*).

A new road…a completely new you!



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