Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James


50 Shades of GreyErotic Enchantment

Tie me up to sit down and read.

An erotic fan fiction story, Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book in a trilogy that will get your blood racing so fiercely that even Twilight’s Edward would want a bite.  Focused mainly on the love story between college student, Anastasia Steele and powerful young businessman Christian Grey, this “love” takes a darker and to some, sexier turn.

Turn off the lights.

Our own Stacey Pashcow mentioned the book to me around Valentine’s Day and after I finally stopped blushing, I can squeamishly disclose I decided it was time to submit to this literary phenomenon.

Grey, an enigmatic and provocative man takes a liking to sweet Ana, but dictates that he wants her on his terms, including a BDSM relationship, while sweet Ana doesn’t know if she can overcome the questions in her mind.  Grey is a control freak but Ana decides to go along for a bumpy ride that will lead to much self-discovery. Reading this book may also lead to some of your own inner secrets and desires.

Succumb to the words.

Experiencing the New York dating scene, let it be know that it’s easy to feel dominated.  Reading this book takes complete control of the reader and other than finishing, the only way to put it down is with a Christian Grey of your own to make you stop…or rather start.

Getting a grip on your libido will be as hard as getting a copy of this book, since it’s flying off shelves all over the world.

Whet your sexual appetite, but always remember you are a powerful doB woman who never needs to submit in any part of your awesome life.

After all, even in the real world, not everything is black and white.


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