Easy and Delicious Olive Oil Cake


Olive Oil Cake

Photo Credit ceramiccanvas.com.

Say “O Yes, Olive Oil”

Double the O, double the fun.

I tasted my first olive oil cake at L’Artusi.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and imagined that it would be like dipping cake in a saucer of olive oil.

But O yes!  The cake was sweet and moist, almost to the point of gastronomic orgasm.  I needed to relive this experience, so I decided to bake my own olive oil cake at home.

the Babbo CookbookI came across Mario Batali’s recipe for Rosemary & Olive Oil Cake at the Ceramic Canvas, who in turn got the recipe from The Babbo Cookbook.  This was the One!  I loved the simplicity of the recipe and the call for fresh rosemary.  The rosemary is finely chopped and stirred into the cake batter to add a subtle but smoky herb flavor.

My first bite brought me back to L’Artusi.  I may be a baking novice, but I was in culinary heaven; a heaven I easily recreated!

Here’s a dishin’ tip – use extra virgin olive oil.  As the least processed form of olive oil, it has more monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, both which increase the healthy benefits of olive oil for the heart and body.

Extra virgin, please.

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