Vegetarian Gumbo for Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras


Parti Gras

Here’s the skinny:

Get naked. I love to. Why, you ask?  Because I am proud of the workouts I do and the healthy foods I eat…most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, you won’t see me running around on a nude beach (unless I’m in an exotic location with the beautiful Adam Levine). Bikini season is approaching and with Mardi Gras about to kick off we’d love for all of our doB readers to feel good enough to participate in the boobs for beads exchange (hey, we won’t judge).

New Orleans has proven to the world that it kicks some major butt.  Through disaster, turmoil and even a Super Bowl, the energy and feel good food are still something that every one remembers and desires.  A gut-busting problem is that the comfort food can put on the non-comforting calories.

Less is more.

Going vegetarian can be great for your body and your bank account. Health.com took a typically meat heavy gumbo and made it animal and ab friendly.  With soy protein and lots of fiber you will be fuller faster, giving you more time to focus on whether or not you are going to splurge on that designer bikini or those classic Ray-Bans.

My southern friends were not only impressed, but grateful I introduced them to a new recipe that they could take home to mom, although we all know her food is “always best.”  Let this recipe keep you warm until those summer months do.

Fat Tuesday…we fear you not!



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