Rolling in the… BEST makeup at the Grammys 2012


WOW… Adele

AdeleThis years Grammys were full of ups and downs, it touched many of us. We wanted to focus on the up! Grammys never disappoint when it comes to fashion, beauty, style and a bit of crazy. This year hands down, doB needs to give a special shout out to the woman that won our best in beauty at the show. Hello Adele! This 23-year-old Brit came back to the Grammys after major vocal cord surgery and killed it. Adele’s vocal performance was flawless but her makeup was perfection, really. Ladies take note our UK glam girl nailed it.

Adele showed up on the red carpet with hot red lips, amazing eyeliner and of course lashes reminiscent of a Hollywood icon. She changed her look up for her performance; makeup was that of the ultimate bombshell. Adele we adore you and your makeup artist! Congratulations on the awards, recovery and the GORGEOUS look at the Grammys! You are ROLLING IN THE DEEP…deep world of stardom!

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