“Nutritionist, Keri Glassman’s health plan for the best whole you”



Cut The Sugar and Add A Little More Spice!

To score that wholly nutritious life, you can easily look through Keri Glassman’s always “half-full” cup and see that it is about more than hours clocked at a gym while on a strictly juice diet.

Nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman founded the “whole person” approach to health and calls it the Nutritious Life.  This plan focuses on every aspect of a person’s lifestyle such as sleep, exercise, and conquering stress and balances them to make you completely healthy inside and out.

Whole-d on, you are in for a balanced ride.

With a team of certified Nutritious Life dietitians behind the brand, you can be confident following their advice from sports nutrition to medical nutrition to monthly support groups.  You will be motivated and pushed every step of the way to reach your goals.

All you need is love and the straight scoop on how to fight those late night cravings that could very well drive you stark C-RAVING mad.

Keri teamed with Well + Good to identify top foods you shouldn’t ignore.  We at doB took a few of our favorites such as Acai berries, Hemp Seeds, Kombucha and Coconut and added them to our repertoire.  A favorite superfood of our team is the pomegranate.  High in anti-oxidants, this delightful fruit is also high in fiber and full of potassium and iron.

An easy way to get the benefits of a pomegranate is to put the seeds into some of your morning Greek yogurt.  The pop of the seeds gives the smoothness of the yogurt a nice textural punch.

Life itself is hard and the teeter-tottering off diets can cause you to lose your balance.

Try the Nutritious Life and rock those resolutions, naughty or nice!



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