FAT FREE AND FREEZING… Zeltiq at Sadick Dermatology


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I am definitely a bit self-conscious about my stomach.  After two kids and tons of workouts I just couldn’t seem to lose that spare tummy tire.

So that’s what took me to the offices of Dr. Neil Sadick.

A wall mounted flat screen TV took me through all the possible beautification options he offered, but it was during our meeting I learned about Zeltiq-an FDA approved process where you literally freeze away fat cells so that they die and get flushed out of your body.  The full results take four months but you’ll start seeing results after four weeks.  Studies show it removes up to twenty percent of the fat cells in that area so for most people one session could be enough.  Call me bold, but I was sold.  I did the procedure right then and there. The plan was to do my lower stomach and in the near future my flanks since each section takes an hour.

The device squeezes any fat that gets sucked into it like a clamp and within second’s starts to get cold. You only feel the burn (as in freezer burn) for ten minutes.  After that you are cool as a cucumber or should I say as cold as an igloo.  An hour later it’s all over.  It was quick and easy and relatively pain free.  Within a month I started to notice results and four months later my stomach literally dipped in!  My flanks soon followed and I’m happy to report that you can no longer “pinch an inch.” For me, it was well worth the cost ($750 a session- $650 if they are running a special).  We at doB say no pressure, suck in your stomach or wear it proudly, but if you are considering Zeltiq, the cold hard truth is that it works.

For those of us considering a cheaper easier option to shrinking stomach fat, try Gutbliss by renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a Dr Oz regular guest.  Gutbliss, a gastroceutical that moves the fix for bloat from the pharmacy counter to the beauty counter, will hit stores soon.

So give winter the cold shoulder and welcome this hot and cold relationship, it may not cure a heartache, but it will leave you feeling toned, sexy and ready for your next scorching affair.

Bring it on, Summer.


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