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Get slAPP happy!

I’m organized to a fault.  The amount of post-it notes with to do lists all around my New York City apartment is endless.  What is my party hosting personality, you ask?  A stressed out, over excited planning nut.  I’d make the ideal housewife, although I don’t have kids…or a husband…or really a “home,” but you get the picture.

Don’t feel trAPPed.

Super Bowl, birthdays, awards shows or just Saturday night are all excuses to throw a party.  Being so busy these days makes it almost impossible to get everyone together and execute the whole party operation without having a Charlie Sheen meltdown.  Luckily, I found the best apps to keep me cool as a cucumber.

Red Stamp has over 400 designs of invites, announcements and cards.  You can easily design your invitations and send via email, text or social networking site.  Not good enough?  Red Stamp can also take your contact list and send them out via snail mail (postage included).

Although takeout wings do well at my parties, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food app gives fresh and easy recipes the main stage while you focus on the entertainment.

The ever popular Pandora personalized radio app can provide you with a mix of music large enough to keep your cousin dancing on tabletops, while also being able to switch it up to set the mood for your two best friends you just set up, kissing in the corner.

If you suddenly realized you answered the door in slippers (usually knee high socks for me), quickly pull up the ShopStyle app. It will give you the inspiration to correct your color combo while providing the opportunity to purchase the hottest looks for the inevitable party people will be begging you to throw next week.

Now that you are looking sexy, show it off using PopBooth, the photo booth app that lets you shoot those infamous poses, post to Facebook and send a hard copy to the ex showing him what he’s missing.

Ready for a nAPP?  You deserve it.

APPtly put!


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