Who’s that doB girl? Katy Atlas


Katy Atlasdishin’ with a gal who inspires the foodie-beauty revolution

Who: Katy Atlas, a foodie blogger with passion for fashion, sugarlaws.com

Why: Her elegant style blends perfectly with her easy-to-make entertaining recipes

How did you become a blogger? I started Sugarlaws when I was learning to cook four years ago, and it kind of took off from there!

What separates your blog from the rest? I think both my recipes and my style are easy enough for everyday, but still elegant and fun.  I’d like to think that both of them appeal to a wide variety of people and tastes!

To get through a tough day, you drink coffee or cocktails? I’m a diet soda fiend—I drink way too much of it!

Three always-in-the bag beauty products? DIORSHOW mascara, Cle de Peau lipstick and Estee Lauder eyeshadow!

Wish it were in my bag beauty product? I never seem to have plain old Chapstick when I need it!

Sephora or Saks? Both!

What’s in your closet that you should get rid of but just can’t? UGG boots, sweatpants, shoes that chafe

Katy AtlasWhose style do you most admire? My fellow bloggers!  It’s amazing to see what everyone puts together, they’re so inspiring.

Cook at home or order out? Cook at home (although I can never resist takeout sushi)

Most memorable meal? The amazing fresh fish on our honeymoon at the Four Seasons Bora Bora.

Recipe that you make for every dinner party or potluck? Flatbread with olive oil, sliced scallions and fresh rosemary. Or simply with chopped tomatoes!

Which celebrity chef would you choose for a cooking class? Jean Georges, although I’d probably be too intimidated to pick up a knife!

What cookbook do you have on your counter?  The French Laundry Cookbook, the Art of Simple Food, Martha Stewart Everyday Food

Katy AtlasYour best friends says you’re… never out of energy!

Pajama party at your house.  Who’s on the invite list? My husband and our two dogs!  Fortunately, that’s most nights. :-)


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