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Williams-Sonoma Good Food to Share CookbookGood to Share Dinner Party Perfection

What’s a girl to do on a Saturday night? No, not frat it up at some club (don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a time that). Some weekends just call for something a little more sophisticated and a lot more tasty—an intimate dinner party with your BFFs.

You could go the potluck route—not a bad option if your girlfriends are great chefs. Or, you can opt for a menu that makes the most of your ingredients and budget. A brand new cookbook by Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, founder of the Apartment Therapy’s TheKitchn.com, can help you with that.

Called Good Food to Share, most of its recipes are designed to feed six or more. Sarah Kate, a hostess with unarguably the mostess, serves a crowd in a chichi yet surprisingly unfussy way. Her meals are fresh, healthy, and most importantly, simple. Whether you’re holding a rooftop bash with a jeans and Ts dress code or a candlelit noshing where cocktail attire is a must, her meals transcend any occasion not an herb out of place.  We’re talking boozy bevs, nibbly bites, entrees, desserts, and more. She even dishes on how to pick the perfect bottle of vino and craft a choice antipasto platter. Who knew to pair bresola with grapefruit slices?

And this culinary genius, lover of good-for-you local picks, also believes in taking grade-A care of her skin. Eucerin Calming Crème and Aquaphor Healing Ointment are her go-tos. They’re non-irritating, soothing, and deeply moisturizing, great for fending off chaffing from your wooden spatula.

With over 100 recipes, Good Food to Share will inspire you to cook like you’ve never cooked before—not to mention, turn your fetes into things of legends. Thank you Sara Kate, and move over Giada. There’s a new chef in town.



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