My Funny Valentine, The Best Gift Ever, Classic Kids Photography


A Classic Kids picture is worth a thousand “coos, oohs and ahs.”

Once upon a time pictures told a story.  Each print carefully developed and retouched to give it the perfect finish to capture a fleeting moment.  The memories become priceless artifacts that document our history.  They inspire us, transport us and make us feel like we have a handle on the passing of time.

Classic Kids Photography is a modern take on an old school method.  The studio produces black and white fiber prints that are hand developed and shot on film.  Our photographer, Ashley Moore, made my children feel instantly at ease, engaged and ready to improvise.  The session felt more like a play date with tireless rounds of peek-a-boo, endless tickles and giggles.

The results are a little bit of magic and fairy dust all rolled into one.  These pictures captured the heart and spirit of my children.  They are quite simply the best pictures they have ever taken.

Each photo is a work of art that will stand the test of time and bring a huge smile every time I glance at the images on the wall.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, a perfect gift for friends and family is an adorable or hysterical photo of the kids your love created.  As a special, Classic Kids has just the package for doB. Through February 13th, you can book a mini photo session that includes a hand-printed, 5×7 archival print for a special price.  This makes a great gift and it may be used at Classic Kids Upper East or Upper West Side NYC studio locations, until October 1st.  Just mention dishinoutbeauty when you book!

With locations from Manhattan to Chicago to San Francisco, it is easy to find a place to get your ever-moving children captured.  Even easier, you can buy gift certificates and surprise sessions for the busy parents who barely have time to remember Valentine’s Day let alone find the perfect gift.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

With Classic Kids the results are priceless.


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