Fusilli With Spinach-Nut Pesto


italian fusilli pasta and pesto


Don’t Be Fusilli

So you and the ladies have decided on a night in, but your lust for Ryan Gosling’s Rom-Com charm and your desire for the bodies of America’s Next Top Models have limited your dinner choices to Peter Rabbit’s carrot candy.

Smize.  You can eat and still look sexy.

We at doB wholly believe that you can be a foodie and a beauty.  You just need to have the right tips and be flexible with substitutions.  We found the perfect recipe to please your palette, keep you trim and guarantee that Aunt Isabelle will leaf you alone this year about your “extra baggage”.

The Food Network created a Fusilli With Spinach-Nut Pesto recipe that poses as top model for other deliciously healthy dishes.  With anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits from phytonutrients, spinach is a powerful antioxidant keeping you as strong as Popeye yet as lean as Olive Oyl.  The pine nuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids that give the added bonus of reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood.  If you want to make this recipe Victoria’s Secret friendly, substitute whole wheat pasta.  You will get fuller faster keeping your figure lean and red carpet ready.

Walk the runway to your kitchen and go green.  This recipe is sure to get a callback.

Your appetite won’t “spiral” out of control.

Just weight and see.


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