Dr. Oz’s Heart-Healthy/Belly-Blasting Recipes


Dr. Oz

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Butter Me Up, Slim Me Down

“I love your chubby cheeks.”

Backhanded compliments never quite seem to make the full swing into actual feel good sayings.  I have a pointy nose, a never growing cup size and large cheek balls that gives me the stink eye every time I smile, but I don’t need to hear how those things “give me personality.”  Come on, I’d much rather be told I look like Heidi Klum with the brains of Arianna Huffington. We all love when someone pays tribute to our physical appearance, but rarely do we enjoy it when it’s an ace serve against our faults.

“At least you don’t need a sports bra when you run.”

Get running to Dr. Oz’s website for a bangin’ body worth bragging about. With his Belly-Blasting New Year’s Soup you can take those abs all the way to fab.  With tons of crave stopping fiber, you can be fuller longer while the capsaicin in the chili powder speeds up your metabolism.

“Hey!  She is the ugly version of you.” (Yea, we broke up soon after that one).

Her heart is always in the right place, but when grandma says she can surely tell that your busy lifestyle hasn’t affected your waistline, you may want to run to the Oreos rather than away from them.  Protect her ticker and yours with one of Dr. Oz’s Heart-Healthy Power Dishes.  With powerful Omega-3 benefits, salmon reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems while also improving your mood. Now you can take those “compliments” with the proverbial grain of salt.

You are ALWAYS gorgeous!

Game, Set, Match.


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