Don’t Break the Scale-Eat Your Kale


Kale Chips

Photo Courtesy of nynaturals.com

A Foodie Revolution for a Lean Girl’s Resolution

Are you a naughty gnawer? Take a skinny dip with these chips.

We’ve all made resolutions we fail to keep.  I still need to stress less, get through those healthy cookbooks, and start refining my love connection.  Instead, I’ve packed my life plate full of seldom homemade recipes consisting of ingredients for unhealthy relationships.  That reality is tough to swallow.

Relax. Take a small bite for a big change.

Stressing about not stressing will make you reach for the Doritos without having the will power to stop.  Step away from the trans fat, and no one gets hurt (especially with heart disease).  New York Naturals has made their kale chips a snack for any health nut ready to lose the gut.  Made in Brooklyn and now sold in over 150 stores, like Whole Foods, these chips are handmade daily and are always shipped quickly guaranteeing freshness.

Chew on this.

High in fiber, kale also helps lower cholesterol, fights cancer and helps the body detox (no excuse to have margarita number #5).  As a meat lover with an added addiction to gummies, I was skeptical of trying something that was raw, vegan and dehydrated.  After the first bite, I was chomping at the bit to eat more.

With flavors like spicy miso, Bombay ranch and sea salt and vinegar, New York Naturals has products to please every palette at a plausible price.

If you are going to go for the  “junk”, do it without adding extra baggage to your trunk.

doB pick: Vegan “Cheese” Kale Chips, $7.49.



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