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Allure Best Of Beauty iShopper

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No CrAPP on Tap

Looking at my iPhone 3Gs I know it’s time to update.  I love a good blow out, but when it comes to money this is hardly the time to be blowing anything.  We at doB found our favorite Apps of 2011 to bring you up to date without paying your credit card bill late.

Flipboard, a digital magazine, organizes your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as other news sources into one easy to access place.  Simple to use with one hand, you can read about the cutest clutch one moment and world news the next.

Confused by the hot Italian buying you another martini?  Google Translate will take what he says and translate it back to you with enough time to say, “Yes, and one for my girlfriend.”

Searching for the right shade for that first date kiss?  Allure Best of Beauty iShopper 2011 gives you Allure’s top picks and where to find them near your location.  Too bad it can’t tell you where to find that perfect guy as well.

Like beer goggles on a rough night, life always looks better through a filter.  Instagram is the quickest way to share the proud and pleasant memories on social networking sites by choosing a filter that changes the way we see life.

Stuck planning girls’ night out?  Use Chefs Feed to see where the best chefs around the world are eating.  A similar rating system to Yelp, but instead with the choices of most premier palettes at practice.

Dragon Go, a voice activated search app, will find information and locations on anything you want, such as “Sample Sale” or “Best Thai Restaurant.”  It may not talk back to you like Siri, but sometimes silence is a golden pair of “Jennifer Miller Earrings.”

While you are shopping, get Tiger Woods: My Swing for your man. He can perfect his swing and learn from Tiger’s own strokes.  Just don’t let your man pick up more than golf or you’ll be the one with a perfect stroke.

We at doB hope 2012 brings you the best in food, fashion and fun.

Bon APPetit!


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