Who’s that doB girl?


RebeccaSticedishin’ with a gal who inspires the foodie-beauty revolution

Who: Rebecca Stice, fashion blogger, The Clothes Horse

Why: She’s proving you don’t have to be urban to be on trend

How did you get to be such a successful fashion blogger? I’m not entirely sure! I work as a fashion blogger, but also do freelance as a photographer and writer. It all started in college when I started my blog as a hobby; I quickly started to become obsessed with it and by the time I graduated people were asking if they could advertise on my site. So, I guess I got here by following my passions.

To get through a tough day, you drink coffee or cocktails? Neither! I really love chocolate on a bad day–white chocolate champagne truffles are the ultimate pick me up.

Three always-in-the bag beauty products? A good foundation (Chanel Mat Lumiere), eyeliner (Lancome), and mascara.

Wish it were in my bag beauty product? YSL lipsticks

Sephora or Saks? Saks

What’s in your closet that you should get rid of but just can’t? Half a dozen vintage dresses that don’t fit…I keep thinking that maybe I will get around to altering them.

Whose style do you most admire? Anna Dello Russo, she’s completely fearless.

Cook at home or order out? Order out, I love Indian or Thai; I love curries but I’m not good at making them at home–yet.

Most memorable meal? I’ve had a lot of memorable meals from traveling, but I’d have to say the most unforgettable one I had was when I made tacos for my host family in Sapporo, Japan. They had never eaten tacos before, so I had to instruct them on everything–it was so fun!

What cookbook do you have on your counter? One my Mom made with some old family recipes and recipes from friends.

Rebecca SticeYour best friends say you’re… Shy

Pajama party at your house.  Who’s on the invite list? Sofia Coppola, Bette Davis, Emily Dickinson, the Bronte sisters, Florence Welch.

What do you think is next on the horizon for you? No idea! I recently went through the process of taking the LSATs and getting accepted into law schools, only to decide it’s not where my heart is. So, now I’m just doing what I enjoy every day and exploring every opportunity that comes my way.

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