How To Connect Those (Polka) Dots


Polka Dots


Polka dots strutted something fierce on Marc Jacobs’ runway during fashion week, but for some, this head to toe pattern left us feeling a bit, well, dizzy. How can you show your love for fall’s most coveted fashion trend, but skip the runway theatrics? Look for accessories and accent pieces that connect wearable style to high-end design.

Grab hold of that boring, bland outerwear: hats, gloves and umbrellas. Outdoor accessories are the perfect excuse to mesh fashion with function- at minimal risk. Check out these cozy, right-on trend gloves that will keep your hands looking ladylike (and toasty) all season long.

Why not pull off two trends at once? Patterned tights are the cutest complement to fall’s sweater-loving mini and even the fuller, Mad Men inspired frocks. Slip into a pair of polka dot tights for an effortless, yet charming way to update any dress, skirt or wool shorts.

Timeless meets trendy with the demure polka dot blouse. This look is perfect with slim trousers, booties and another fall super-style, the messy bun. Best paired with minimal jewelry, and if you’ve got a bit of A-list attitude, ruby red lips. This elegant dotted blouse from Zara is love at first spot.

Chic and classic, polka dots handled with a touch of savoir-faire will find themselves hanging in your closet, as playful feminine favorites for several seasons to come.


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