Get Fabulous with Tom Ford


Tom Ford BeautyBack in the spring of 2010, a beautiful thing happened: Designer Tom Ford came out with his Private Blend Lipstick collection – a sumptuous line of twelve creamy, pigmented bullets that made others look beyond ho-hum. Now, he’s done the unfathomable – nay, the impossible. He’s topped himself.

Introducing Tom Ford Beauty Color Collection — (deep breath) an extensive line of eyeshadows, glosses, lipsticks, foundations, powders, blushes, nail polishes, highlighters, and makeup brushes. What to do first? Sigh and gasp, maybe even shed a happy tear or two. What to do next? Pick up all of the above.

Let’s get right to the point. This major group is not for the casual dabbler. It’s for the true-blue cosmetics connoisseur – one who views her makeup application as a morning ritual, one who wants products that feel as luxurious in the hand as they do on the skin, and one who wants her vanity decked with the boldest and most beautiful (its brown and gold packaging is quite retro-chic).

Ford has brilliantly folded his previous twelve lipsticks into the main collection for a total of 18 sticks that range from Kim Kardashian nude to Gwen Stefani red. But for me, beauty starts with the skin, and the designer’s attention to perfecting your natural base is nothing less than scrupulous. The Traceless Foundation Stick (this sure-fire cover-all would be in my hip holster, if I had one) is my face’s fave and totally customizable.

Complexion looking pretty good? Use your finger and sheerly apply it to even out skin tone, hide baby blemishes, and lighten dark circles. Need a bit more aid? Dab it on directly from the tube for heavier coverage. Mr. T, himself, admits to using this bad boy and well, he always looks flawless. That’s what I call good advertising. I’m sold.


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