Thanksgiving Leftover Lovin’



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Ah, Thanksgiving: nosy relatives wondering why you’re still single, prying yourself out of bed at 6am to buy your niece a sweater on Black Friday, and—perhaps the true saving grace—leftovers.

Leftovers are the one thing you can count on during Thanksgiving. They won’t ask you who you’re dating; they won’t make you find a parking space at the mall; they’ll just be there and be delicious—maybe even more delicious than they were the first time. No man can promise that.

And of course, who can forget the famous Friends episode where Monica dances with a turkey on her head.

Well, we’d like to suggest some better ways to use your turkey, ones that won’t mess with a classic.

If you want to spice up your leftover lovin’ this year, take a look at these great suggestions from Martha Stewart.

Turkey Cobb Salad


Put your Thanksgiving day spin on an old crowd-pleaser and try this Turkey Cobb Salad that is both mouth-watering and delicious.  Or keep the party going with the Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich(we’re seriously salivating already), a traditional Vietnamese baguette with Asian chile sauce, turkey, cucumber, carrot and fresh cilanto.

Serious Eats has us licking our lips for Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie and Turkey Strudel (okay, now we’re just flat-out drooling). This way you can change up your leftover routine while still getting doses of turkey’s oh-so-important vitamin-B and sweet potato’s Beta Carotene for a healthier you even after the holiday is over. While you’re there, check out Alton Brown’s video on How To Cook A Perfect Turkey.

These tips will help you dress up your leftovers and turn them into something special.

So sit back, relax and let the tryptophan stupor begin…


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