Sundãri, Being well inside, reads beautiful outside.


Pouring Oils on ForeheadAre you an emotional multi-tasker?

Photo Courtesy of SUNDARI

So many of us are.

With high pressured jobs, high maintenance lives and endless modern day demands that keep us blogging, tweeting, texting and constantly locked in the ON position….who has the time to get to the gym much less eat four COLORFUL squares a day to keep us heart healthy.

Here’s a doB cheat sheet to keep your skin breathing it’s own healthy mantra.

During this holiday season we all give thanks for the gifts we have received and for me Sundãri Skin Care has been a source of inspiration…and income : ) for many years. I’ve adopted their philosophy and it’s shaped my life and inspired me to start this website.

At Sundãri, beauty is being well, a natural vitality inspired by balance, and a radiance that shines from the inside out. A fusion of Eastern and Western beauty practices, their philosophy empowers women to embody wellbeing and discover their own inherent balance. They believe true beauty is a creative process, an active quest towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.

Sundãri is often defined as the goddess within, the light that emanates from our soul and couldn’t we all use a little bit more goddess in our everyday life.

My Sundãri daily cocktail includes Essential Oil for Dry Skin which is a luscious blend of Rose and Orange oil that instantly transports you to a remote island vacation. I follow this with Gotu Kola and Azulene Moisturizer with active peptides that provide an immediate firming effect.
Chamomile Eye Oil and Boswellia Eye Serum reduce puffiness as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Trust me with two rambunctious little boys no one needs that more than I do.

Life can be hard – take a deep breath. I try to relax and take in the beauty all around me. With Sundãri’s aromatic essential oils I’m transported to a spa every day in the privacy of my own home.

Tis the season, we’ll raise a glass and drink to gorgeous skin.

Only water, of course.
Wink. Wink.


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