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If you find yourself regularly repeating stressful to-do lists instead of soothing mantras, it might be time to turn off the brain and turn on that iPod.

Meditating MP3 style allows us to relax on the run, regardless of how difficult meditation has been for us in the past. These guided meditations keep the brain from wandering- so your body, mind and spirit can take refuge in an age-old practice that promotes longevity (and collagen retention) better than Botox.

Stress is a tailored accessory that manifests its ugly meltdowns differently in every body. Whether you suffer from insomnia, post-work tension, or morning frenzies – there’s a meditation with your name on it. The best part? You reap a million health benefits and have one more reason to raid LuLu Lemon.

Personally I’m prone to early morning anxiety, so I was thrilled to find a track designed specifically for “day dread” on the album, Splendor of Meditation. The collection also has a variety of sleep-enhancing tracks and a quickie for the girl that only has five minutes to get her “ohm” on. Check it out on iTunes.

Simply Being is another sigh-worthy app designed by the gurus over at Mediation Oasis. This app allows you to opt for spa music or nature sounds that gently play in the background, while you’re whisked into a guided, blissful state.

As a pretty stressed out gal, (I’m a Capricorn that lives and breathes by deadlines and demands) I’ll confess that I was a tad skeptical of 99 cent apps that promised me a set of shoulders that wouldn’t make my massage therapist cringe. But after one try, I noticed that I was actually relaxed – and without ever having to part with my beloved iPhone.

Now that is something to hum about.


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  • I’ve been resisting meditation for years, even though i know it’s probably good. It’s easier for me to imagine furiously running on a treadmill than just sitting still but i’ve realized lately that even though exercise gives more energy, sometimes it has no impact on stress levels. This very persuasive article has convinced me to try out some meditation apps. Thanks!

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