“Ooh Ooh, Aah Aah, Mmm, Mmm” – Cake Monkey Bakery


CakemonkeyYou can have your personal cake and eat it too.

In life we experience both triumphs and setbacks.  Both require a little sweetening. I admit that I treat myself now and then to an entire batch of brownies while checking in with Carrie Bradshaw.  I still needed to find a way to stop overindulging.

Luckily, doB found the greatest thing since sliced cake.

Cake Monkey, a west coast based company, specializes in mini layer cakes, breakfast pastries, and gourmet versions of those sweets we all remember while growing up.  Like me, you’ll be sad you didn’t have their Apple Crumble when that last steamy relationship did (crumble).

Holidays are like a baker’s World Series. “Cake, batter up!” So you don’t want to strike out on the perfect gifts.

Whether it’s for a post breakup pity party or just Friday night with the girls, Cake Monkey has your flavor du jour.

The Snack Treat selection took me back to my wonder years, minus the braces and headgear.  With Pop Pies, El Rollos, and Cakewiches, you can put your pinky up when indulging in these divine versions of Pop Tarts, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs.

Chocolate cakemonkeyOur motto – Let them eat cake!  The Must Love Chocolate with chocolate pearls and rich chocolate frosting will make even the most seasoned chocaholic weep.  The Pink Peppermint Cake will just take your minty breath away.

A luscious Chocolate Brown Butter Cake with Pink Peppermint Buttercream sprinkled with peppermint pillows is the obvious choice for the holiday hostess with the mostess.  Each flavor beautiful to look at and delicious to bite into.

Don’t limit yourself to these treats for just holidays and special occasions. You did those squats, you deserve a bite.  Try the Much Love Chocolate Gift Box and serve them up at your next dinner party.

A little bit of heaven in a bite.

Who needs to fall in love when you can fall into cake.


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