To Braid or Not To Braid – Hair Trends for Fall 2011


Milkmade BraidCheck out the braid trend that has the runways buzzing for fall.  John Barrett’s braid bar opened in June 2011, located on the 9th floor of Bergdorf Goodman.

Check back Friday to doB for some quick, easy tips to take this trend off the runway and into your every day.

Whether it’s feather or leather, learn how to rock the sexy.

doB Celebs rockin’ the braid trend:
  HB Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Drew Barrymore. The styles they were are what clients seem to want to wear the most!

doB What braids are trending?
  HB The braids that are trending this fall/winter season are very soft and messy. We have seen a lot of the “fish tail” braid. The fish tail is a great way to add different and intricate texture to the hair with minimal effort.

doB Who can wear braids?
  HB Anyone can where the braid trend. However, the shorter your hair is the more limited the styles. They best look for shorter hair is either the braided headband or the “milk maid” braid.

doB What tools do you need?  HB It’s always a great idea to have a curling iron on hand to polish up any stray pieces to create a fun messy look. All you really need to do braids are some bobby pins, some hair ties, and your hand!

doB What products?
  HB The best products to use are any type of smoothing serum or balm. My favorite is Shu Uemura Essence Absolue. It’s lightweight and absorbs almost instantly so you can layer it on and never have to worry about that greasy hair feeling you get with most oils!

doB Accessories:  HB I love to add either clip in feathers or leather ribbon! I find they add edge to what could possibly be a very girly style.

doB Day-night braids:  HB The best day to night looks are either a fun messy side braid that you can tuck up into a textured side bun for a night out, or a tight high braid pony tail that you can wrap around to create a sleek and sexy ballet bun!

Braids range from $45 for a simple braid, $65 for a shampoo and braid, to $120 for a wash blowout style and braids. Check us out at johnbarrett.com or at out Twitter feed @johnbarrettnyc.

Headband BraidHigh BraidFishtail Braid


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