Take Your Best Shot…Pure Inventions


Pure Inventions cranberry with elderberry Pour me another, bartender!

I always look forward to a night with my best friends and our favorite cute bartender. The gossip mixed with his chocolate brown eyes creates a better cocktail than the sugary ones we keep buying for each other.

Finally, a shot that can do a body good.

Pure Inventions is known for having nutritionist developed supplements made easy to use with the help of an eye dropped shot that can be put into almost anything.

Keep your mind out of the gutter, and put down that tequila sunrise while I explain.

Added to water, these supplements, which range from Healthy Liver to my favorite, Antioxidant, are free of sugar, calories, sodium, and artificial sweeteners. What is sweet is the fact that they use Stevia and Lo Han, a Chinese fruit, to naturally sweeten. This helps to balance blood sugar and reduce blood pressure.

Drink to your health and let your man be the one that makes your heart race.

The cranberry + elderberry supplement is one of four antioxidant fruit extracts. It may not be the cranberry and vodka you just ordered, but used as a mixer, this will prevent those lingering hangovers caused many times by refined sugars.

Feeling tipsy and still need more proof? Cranberries are filled with immune boosting, kidney saving, digestion helping properties.  Hydrate deliciously while radically boosting your immune system.

Have your DD take you home now and pick up Pure Inventions cranberry and elderberry on the way.

Hit me with your best shot.



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