Hangovers have Mercy!


Friday Hangover girlIs there a ‘cure’ for a hangover? Some say a greasy breakfast, the hair of the dog (I’ll have a Bloody Mary please), energy shots, or sketchy pill packets from the convenience store. Not to mention that how much you spend on liquor is almost directly related to how much concealer you’ll need the next day. For that you’ll need doB’s new must HAVE illuminizer, Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift. Dear Trish, thank you for this long Instant Eye in a Martini glasswearing line filler and eye brightener that has truly changed my mornings (hung-over or not). With this magic wrinkle erasing wand, I can face the day, even if I’m not feeling quite so fabulous. Now that’s what I call liquid courage.

Yes we all know that drinking in moderation is the key to avoid a hangover and feeling horrible but what happens when we drink too much? Alcohol becomes a poison in our blood stream, tinkering with the chemicals in the brain and causing major dehydration.  Your body breaks down the ethanol in alcohol but it produces a dreadful toxin during this process called acetaldehyde, say that three times fast. This sinful stuff is terribly unsexy and totally responsible for the nausea, headache, fatigue and irritability not to mention embarrassing behavior and drunk dialing.

What to do when you’ve had too much? Drink water, get some sleep and try doB’s favorite new all natural, drink today feel better tomorrow beverage.

At a recent fundraiser gala at a swanky loft, we discovered this delicious magical multi vitamin drink that claims to ease or prevent hangovers. It’s called Mercy and it definitely has that in spades!  It’s a carbonated mix of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamin supplements that works best if you drink it during or right after a night of drinking. We tried a cocktail of Mercy and vodka and it was fantastic!  Mercy recommends one can for every five alcoholic beverages and they suggest mixing it with everything from Campari to Tequila.

As fall approaches and we squeeze in all the outdoor margarita’s we can before it’s time for pumpkin pickin’, give yourself the mercy of not having a hangover by imbibing this miraculous mega drink before you hit the pillow.



  • Jill!
    You always know how to speak my language! Especially today as I have to drink for a living (spirits industry). I’m going to be running out to buy this McEvoy’s product on my lunch break (or sooner after having just caught a glimps of myself in the mirror, ug.) Thanks so much!

  • Thanks Whisky Woman! This brightener is amazing for waking up your whole face and the drink totally sneaks up on you. If you’re feeling sluggish, about 15 minutes after you drink this, you feel so much better! tip, i like mine in a large wineglass with ice!

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