Fit and FLABuLESS – The Best Life with Bob Greene



Lettuce rejoice with the fact that we can say goodbye to skinny girl diets and scantily clad salads found inspiring only to our furry friend, the rabbit.

Say hello to fast track fitness with a personalized touch.

Oprah. We adore her. We admire her. We even exalt her. From her philanthropic endeavors to keeping us informed about everything that’s fabulous. In Oprah we trust.

Kinda like the old-school yellow pages…but of life.

Nothing could have gotten us at doB more excited than to know we could brainstorm with her trainer, Bob Greene, to attain our Best Life with the click of a mouse.

An exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, Bob Greene has come up with a ton of quick easy tricks to help stop the cravings. Come on, it’s 4PM. You know who you are. Stand up and be counted.

Bob Greene has found a way to give the infamous and gut busting Sloppy Joe a Barbie style makeover. Move over fat because fab is taking over and this recipe is one for the whole family! If you aren’t ready for a commitment yet, have a one-night stand with Greene’s Healthy Sloppy Joe Recipe. The addition to the cholesterol lowering ingredient cinnamon makes this recipe no Joe-k.

Greene’s website is full of articles, workout videos with Oprah, and inspiring success stories. Since grocery shopping can be tricky with treats, chocolate, and seducing samples around every corner, my favorite part of the recipe was the Diet Staples Shopping List.

Life isn’t perfect, but with Bob Greene recipes and inspired advice we’re getting closer to the best it can be.



  • Love the recipes you recommend. Already did apple fritters(delicious) and made the
    Pumpkin cookies for Halloween. Can’t wait to try the sloppy joes for supper!

    • Debbie-We couldn’t be happier you often look to us for great recipes. There is nothing better than some warm sloppy joes on a cold fall day!

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