Celebrity Trend Watch…How to Rock the Braid at Home


Want to wear the hottest new hair braid trends this fall like your fav hollywood starlets are sporting? Not sure how? doB is about to change your hair “knot” to a hair “do”!


Here is the how-to for the Headband Braid:

Headband Braid Step #1
1. Section out the front of your hair from your hairline, the farther back you section the thicker the braid.

Headband Braid step #2
2. Pull front section of hair whichever way you would like the braid to lay (Left or right). Do a regular three-strand braid by taking the middle section and weaving the middle section to the outside.

Headband Braid step #3

3. Section hair diagonally from your hairline towards your ear, lay braid flat on the parted section and bobby pin. To secure the bobby pin, crisscross the bobby pins to create and anchor.

Headband step #4
4. You’ve got your braid on, now go girl!

Here is the how-to for taking your High Braid to a Nighttime look:

High Braid step #1

1. Secure hair in a high ponytail at the crown of your head and braid the ponytail in a three-strand braid.

HighBraid to Bun for night step #22. For a fun easy nighttime look, take braided ponytail and wrap it in a bun around the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins. Day to night as easy as that, you and your braid are ready to rock it like the celebs do!

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