Carrots are a Girl’s Best Friend – Juice Cleanse


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carrotWith legging season lurking around the corner, I realize there are a lot of important tasks to take care of. We all want to look and feel better, and I admit it, I want to lose a few pounds and look like a million bucks. What’s more depressing than having sallow skin and a muffin top when you find yourself eating the entire bag of candy corn you were supposed to give out for Halloween?

What’s a busy gal to do when you want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow? Cleanse like Gwyneth does.  I ordered her favorite organicavenue.com detox and like any self respecting city girl, got my juice on!

For three days I sipped organic fresh juice delivered to my door. I lost a few pounds, my skin looked amazing and after the initial first day of being hungry (okay, super cranky too), I felt fabulous!

What’s so great about it? This intense liquid diet gives you all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need to flush out all the bad stuff and those ‘one too many margaritas’.  Babe on a budget? You can easily do it yourself at home with a juicer.  DOB tip, watch this fatsickandnearlydead.com and carrots will quickly become your best friend.

Want to channel Anne Hathaway?  According to davidkirschwellness.com, she’s a fan. The midas touch queen herself, Bethany Frankel has skinnygirldaily.com for those who need to wean off those skinny girl margaritas. Check out Bethany on the cover of this month’s WellBella magazine.

With legging season fast approaching, get rid of that jiggle and jumpstart the season with juice. I’ll take carrot and apple please.



  • Haha, you have such a great way of writing! Truthful (even the ugly truth!) and funny! Thanks for the inspiration. I think I’m going to try the Skinny Girl Daily one… that seems the best for my lifestyle. Thanks!

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