Vancouver Grind


FridayVancouverfairmontI just got a good “grinding” in Vancouver, and wasn’t even sore the next day. No, that’s not the popular gay sex hook-up app (Grindr), or something that happened during the riots when the city lost hockey’s Stanley Cup (the most interesting thing to happen in Canada in years).

“Grind” is the name that the sporty citizens of this Pacific coast metropolis give to the climb up Grouse Mountain that overlooks the city.  If I told you it’s what you have to do in order to make it up “nature’s stairmaster,” you’d probably get a pretty good picture of having to climb straight up for hours.  Funny thing, I didn’t get that image at all.  I was too busy being charmed by the pearly smile and chiseled good looks of my host Paul of Fairmont Hotel’s Pacific Rim.

Halfway up Grouse Mountain and I reminded myself why never to trust men with comic book hero looks.  Paul had barely broken a sweat, but his toned muscles were on display for all to see.  While I was panting and dispirited at the sign that I’d only made it halfway.  But the carrot that kept me going was another sweet nothing that Paul whispered to me—the reward of a Van Active Body massage, a treatment Paul explained was part of Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa new program known as “Stay Active Rx.”  My special treatment would aid in my own grind recovery with a metabolism-stimulating massage focusing on muscles and joints.

After 2+ hours conquering “nature’s stairmaster” I was convinced recovery would be a bitch.  But the therapist got to work using Kerstin Florian Organic Aromatherapy Ginger Body Oil with essential oils like coriander and eucalyptus, to address fatigue, poor circulation and inflammation.

In short order, I was ready to get my grind on again.  With Paul, of course.

Dishin’ Tip from you GBF (gay best friend): When not grinding, head to dinner at L’Abbatoir in the Gastown neighborhood for a stylish meal in a refurbished building featuring West Coast fresh farm-to-table flavors and innovative cocktails. (217 Carrall Street).

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