Power Pout


WednesdayGirl with Jelly bean hairAt a recent luncheon I found myself in the ladies lounge slicking on my every day nude gloss and felt a little blah. I love this gloss, I wear it every day. But somehow, today it seemed boring, uninspiring, it even made me look a little ill. Maybe it was time for a change?

Glowing in front of the mirror next to me was the most sophisticated and engaging woman in a DVF wrap, smoothing her perfect blow out and fishing into her Hermes for a lipstick. But this wasn’t any ole lipstick. This lipstick had magic powers!  She glanced my way and I swear she winked at me as she uncapped that enchanting little gem with a dainty little ‘pop’. The color was like the velvet on the inside of a very expensive jewelry box, it was the most vibrant, rich yet sexy red. It was more like a mini light saber in red it was so spectacular.

As she glided out the door, she said quietly to me, “Never underestimate the power of red lips.”

So if you need a boost of “I can do this!” (or just need to make it through another morning meeting) swipe on some color and watch yourself transform from a dud to a dazzling do.  You’ll be amazed at how different you’ll be treated, asked if you’d like champagne, doors will be opened for you, lottery tickets will be winners, traffic will subside… okay I’m getting out of control. But only a little, I put on a fabulous red today and not only did I feel powerful, I got carded. Ready to command attention?

doB PicksRevlon ColorBurst Lipgloss Lip Shine, Fire (great for day) – $5.99 at Drugstore.com, NIKO Lipstick in XO (matte finish) and Sephora lipstick Rouge #R04


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