How To Be A Natural Beauty


Wednesday RMS Beauty Product ­ CC Jar2HRGlow and behold.

We’re dedicated to cleaning up our act and weeding through all of the organic beauty booty to let you know what works and what products just don’t deliver.

The task at hand.  To stamp out post-puberty Bacne (face and back) for good.

New York based make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift has been an authority on beauty for over twenty years.  Her work has graced the cover of countless magazines and celebrity clients include, Demi Moore and Sheryl Crowe.  She understands the impact of toxic levels of chemicals in our make-up and has put a ban on ingredient lists reading like toxicology reports at a crime scene.

RMS Beauty is where she draws the line. She created an original, pure, and organic cosmetic line, which focuses on true organic principles.  It’s innovative, transforming skincare packaged in recyclable glass containers.

Even better, this stuff works. I wasn’t completely on board the RMS train, and I knew the true test was still ahead.  I tried the raw coconut cream as well as the living luminizer.  I removed the lid and was immediately transported to the Caribbean, drinking a fruity cocktail on the beach.  The cream smelled amazing, but would it work?

Since coconut milk is the closest thing to breast milk having anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties as well as being an anti-oxidant, I let out my breath and washed my face.  It felt so smooth and fresh afterwards.  I could actually see a glow. Again, with a bit of trepidation, I used it for five more days waiting for those breakouts with my dermatologist on speed dial.  They never came and my skin actually started to look better than it ever had been.

WedRMS Beauty Product - New LuminizerHRI was hooked and extremely grateful.  On top of that, the living luminizer made me a full on RMS addict.  I used it first to highlight my eyes, then my cheeks another night.  It gave me a renewed freshness and the dewy complexion of a runway model.  Rock on RMS!  The confidence I felt was exhilarating.  My face was actually healing…with make-up.

All aboard this runaway beauty train.

Next on my doB wish list; RMS cream eye shadow in Spark. $28 Tell us your beauty picks!  We would love to hear.

To learn more, shop online, or find a store near you, visit www.rmsbeauty.com


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