Honey I Shrunk My Pore Size


Bees on flowersThere are a few things I just cannot wrap my brain around lately.

Adult acne – why does it exist? More importantly, how the hell can I get rid of it?

Do I really have to accept fine lines and wrinkles as I (gasp) get older?

Why do my pores seem to expand daily?

These are the things I ponder as I approach the fun house mirror that is my bathroom cabinet. In search of a magic potion, I begin my search for the product that can do it all.  It’s been right in front of my nose all along and all I have to do is not fall asleep with my make up on and apply this miracle component.

What’s black and yellow and fights free radicals all over?  Okay so it’s not really black and yellow but follow me on this one.  Honey.  The magic bullet in the fight against free radicals.  This all-natural, all-powerful sticky sweet stuff has been used for centuries in skin and hair care. Cleopatra was famous for adding it to her bath to make her skin soft.  So what makes honey so buzz worthy?

Honey contains a ton of anti-oxidants, enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids. It has an antimicrobial property which means it kills germs and reduces inflammation too, bee-gone zits! Honey is a gentle but effective exfoliant for sensitive skin, it balances oily and combination skin, it even stimulates collagen production, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.  The best part of what makes honey so fantastic though is that it is a serious humectant.

That means it draws moisture into the skin and can hold more than 100 times its weight in water.

For dry lips try Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm- made with beeswax and honey extract. It’s an excellent natural lip balm that seriously fights the winter crusties.

If you’re too busy chasing the baby/finishing a report/working late/drinking late/ watching real housewives, we already did all the research and here are a few of our favorite fall picks!

Korres Thyme Honey Cream – all natural moisturizing cream that improves skin elasticity.
Natura Bisse Honey Body Refiner – exfoliates and softens with pure crystallized honey.  A delicious body scrub that leaves you ridiculously soft.




  • Thanks Jill! I’ll definitely be trying the Korres Thyme Honey Cream! Just the product (and needs to “fix”) I’ve been looking for as we transition into Fall.

  • If honey was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s certainly good enough for me. Your post reminded me of beauty remedies like the use of honey which my mom and grandmother had in their treatment bags. So the post was extra special since it took me back down memory lane.

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