Fall Into Beauty



Allure magazine sat down with Barney’s Jason Ascher, Beauty guru for Barney’s New York and got his tips on updating our fall beauty wardrobe.
Summer’s over, what products do we need to shelve? “Those very light, summer-weight products. It’s important to switch to a heavier moisturizer which will protect your skin from dry, brisk air.”
Any favorite makeup trends for fall? “I’m really getting into brighter lips, especially fuchsia. My clients find that it’s easier to create a bold lip than a smoky eye. I also love navy eyeliners and shadows. A good navy is a softer version of black and it really brightens the whites of your eyes.”
What are the best fall fragrances? “For me, the fall is all about modernizing a classic scent. Take a floral or an amber and make it less girly. I love the new Arquiste scents for fall. Every fragrance is classic with a tweak.”
What product or tool is the most overlooked? “Foundation brushes. With a brush, you end up using less and spreading it out and blending it better.”

For the rest of the interview check out http://www.allure.com/beauty/jason-ascher


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