All The Single Ladies


Wine bottles imageFinally a place, we can pour our hearts out, toast to great friendships and agonizingly analyze and torture ourselves over each relationship gone wrong.  All in the company of a few good women.

Aria, nestled on a quiet West Village street is a warm inviting wine bar with small plates fit for foodies.  From its tucked away location, to the wooden accents and communal tables, to a sexy double sided bar perfect for canoodling, these ladies know how to make a crowd feel comfortable.

If you can’t make it to Aria try doB’s, It’s Cocktail Hour Somewhere, Summer Sangria.

With wines of the world made exclusively by female vintners (and only lady vintners), you can be sure the sparks will fly while the vino is flowing.   True beauty is not just experienced with the eye, but also with the heart.

At Aria, the wine and food will make you feel like everything was created especially for you.  Aside from a full menu of innovative cocktails, the reds transport us to a Tuscan countryside, the rosés remind us of passion fruit, and the whites so crisp and pure with a beauty transcendent all on their own.

Before long you’ll be thinking if a fine wine improves with age, forget Botox, why can’t we?

As members of “the fairer sex” we tend to always compare, but at Aria, over cocktails, these ladies will soon become fast friends.

On the list of daily delicacies, Aria whips up fine charcuterie, grilled tapas, and classic Italian dishes like vegetable lasagna. A few doB favorites: Warm gorgonzola-stuffed dates burst with a honey sweetness, and the grilled lamb chops are tender, sprinkled with rosemary and aged balsamic. For dessert, try the sumptuous chocolate soufflé.

So when the toilet seat is left up one to many times or you find yourself lost and your man refuses to turn on the GPS set your sites on Aria for Venice-style tapas and organic, full bodied wine.

We promise you’ll leave with your glass feeling half full. Aria Wine Bar, 117 Perry Street (212) 242-4233

To savor the last weeks of summer try Chef doB’s Sangria.

doB It’s Cocktail Hour Somewhere, Summer Sangria


1 gl. red wine of your choice

2 qt. mandarin orange flavored club soda (club soda & 1 cup orange juice may substitute

1 qt. pineapple juice

2 large lemons cut in thin rings seeds removed

2 limes cut in thin rings

2 oranges cut in thin rings

In a large 2 gallon punch bowl stir in the wine, soda, and pineapple juice. Add the lemon, lime and orange rings to the mix.

Place the following fruits on 8 in. wooden skewers, alternating the fruit.

2 red apples cut up in wedges about 1/2 in. thick

2 green apples cut up in wedges about 1/2 in. thick

2 cups large seedless white grapes

2 cups large seedless red grapes

2 oranges cut in wedges peal left on

1/2 qt. fresh strawberries left whole

The following fruits should be cut up in 1-inch cubes

2 cups fresh pineapple

2 cups watermelon

Place the skewers in the bowl and allow the fruit to soak up the good stuff.  Serve chilled over ice and garnish with one of the skewers. Enjoy!



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