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The Best of Zagat Food Truck Frenzy 2011

Lately, it seems like there is a mobile eatery around every corner.

Your mother’s roach coach is long gone and in its place tricked out food trucks carrying innovative, groundbreaking culinary feats of recession-thwarting treats. We’ve cherry picked the ones to keep you looking fit and fabulous all summer long.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Start your engines and cruise wisely. These are the new Vogue.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.
Hometown: New York City
Follow them on twitter or dial the slush phone for truck locations. 646.200.5083

Much better than the old school Slurpee or it’s high fructose cousin, the Icee. Alex Rein serves his grown up slushees to nearly 500 New Yorkers every day. The customized, all natural frozen drinks feature a base of ginger, tea or citrus, infused with real fruit-purees in flavors like strawberry, mango, guava or herbs like basil or mint. Winner of the 2010 Vendy Award for Best Dessert.

Dishin’ tip: Add a little tequila to the citrus slushie and it will give you reason to take your own party on the road.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck
Hometown: New York City
Follow them on twitter or Eddie’s truck phone at 917.439.7522

Thin crust pizza to die for. Order the 10” cheese bar pie with whole-wheat crust and skim milk cheese mozzarella (said to only have 270 calories) and it isn’t much thicker than a cracker.

La Cense Beef Burger Truck
Hometown: New York City
Follow the LCB Burger truck on twitter or order products online at www.lacensebeef.com

Voted “Top 25 Food Trucks” by New York Magazine. 100% all natural grass fed Steakburger with cheese and carmelized onions. No pesticides, hormones or antibiotics used – a great option for beef lovers looking for heart-healthy lower calorie option and much tastier than Bison.

Last but not lean…
Cupcake Stop
Hometown: New York City
www.cupcakestop.com for truck information or for nationwide shipping.

Two years ago Lev Ekster was anticipating graduation from Law School when he realized the market was slim pickings. He figured the next best thing would be to open a mobile cupcake bakery in a traveling truck. Obvious, right? With over 15,000 followers on Twitter and savory and sweet cupcakes like French Toast with Bacon, strawberry lemonade and of course, the classics like red velvet, chocolate and vanilla.

Trust us, one bite of these sugary gems and the truck stops here.



  • I’m going to add another to the list. Thiru Kumar’s Masala Dosa cart on Washington Sq. Some of the best Keralan food I’ve eaten! Anybody got any other gems?

  • Wow! Great post. Finding quality eats on food trucks have really dramatically improved. I’m so over the halal trucks! Thanks for highlighting these options since I’m freelancer and always on the go in NYC.

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