Glow On


Summer sexy is here. So put away that dirty little winter secret we all call SPANX and get your glow on.

Call Jennifer at Euphoria Spa and let her take you take you from zero to tan in thirty minutes or less.

Located in the heart of Tribeca, Euphoria creates a full body-wellness culture that will leave you feeling pampered, polished and ready to take on the world, or at least a stroll down the beach.

Thanks to ST. TROPEZ spray, she can deliver any tasteful shade of bronze you request without pushing your limits. So for all of you orange striped zebras out there, the daze of fake and bake are behind us. No Excuses.

If you can’t make it to the spa, book a spray tanning service in the privacy of your home. Your esthetician will arrive on your doorstop like Mary Poppins, pop-up booth in tow and give you the posh treatment, and if POSH can do it – why can’t we?

Better yet, invite some friends and say goodbye to pasty patty with ST. TROPEZ EVERYDAY. An enriched, nourishing body moisturizer with soothing Aloe Vera, this lotion will give you softer skin while building a gradual tan. The Innovative Aromaguard Fragrance technology will leave you smelling like roses.

Golden Rules for the perfect tan:
Exfoliate from head to toe. Moisturize heavily. Take a moment with yourself. Add extra moisturizer to toes, ankles, knees and elbows to prevent streaking.

Apply the self-tanner in even strokes starting with your feet working upwards until covered. Wash hands immediately and reapply once a day.

ST. TROPEZ is the perfect way to look sun-kissed all summer, minus the skin damage and its effects on early aging.

This summer – rock the holiday on a budget (or at least make people think you went on one in the first place).

Euphoria Spa, 18 Harrison Street (212-925-5925 or euphoriaspanyc.com)



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