Painful Wrap


Jalouise Plantation ResortThere’s just no way out of it—wraps make me claustrophobic. There’s just something unnerving to me about those spa treatments that snuggle your naked body in warm shiny materials and leave you to sweat it out. When the first bead of sweat rolls down my brow, I begin panicking wondering if the therapist will ever remember to come back, or if I might just melt away.

With such strong feelings, you’d think I’d be good at opting out of the offending treatments by now. But for a recent visit to St. Lucia’s Jalousie Plantation’s newly opened Rainforest Spa, I had impressed upon them wanting to have the most local and authentic treatment possible. They suggested a Detox Treatment wrap featuring all organic products—many sourced on-island and on-property like fresh ginger and black pepper. I felt like I couldn’t argue.

There’s no arguing about the spectacular set-up of this spa. The treatment rooms are built on stilts like tree house gazebos. Underneath, the relaxing sounds of a running stream can be heard through the slats—no piped in spa music here. I’m usually not shy about baring it all in treatments, so I thought the offer of disposable underwear was optional, and shrugged it off. My therapist insisted I wear them, and told me I would be glad I did so later.

After a relaxing massage, the therapist began lathering on the organic concoction, and my body immediately began heating up. She told me that the black pepper is a natural detoxifier, using heat to draw out the toxins. As she wrapped the sheets tight, my mind ached in worry and body began burning. “Relax,” I thought, “At least she’s still in the room. No need to panic.” My body kept heating—clearly I needed a significant detox. Bu after a few minutes, she must have noticed how twitchy I had become, and suggested we wrap it up.

The therapist ran water in the outdoor rainforest shower and told me to rinse off. And here’s my fatal mistake with the disposable underwear. I took them off. No need to keep them on for the shower, right? Wrong. Especially when you’re rinsing off body heating black pepper and ginger—which frankly, you don’t want getting stuck down there. Ouch. Let me leave it at I took several more showers that day.

None of this to say I won’t return to Jalousie Plantation. The spa is truly world-class—one of the best I’ve experienced in the Caribbean. I’ve just learned my lesson—next time I’m ordering wraps only for lunch.

Visit the online site at www.jalousieplantation.com


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