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Sprayology SleepEaseAfter hearing me kvetch about getting caught (again) sending raunchy texts to ex-boyfriend while under the influence of a little Ambien and a lot of Pinot, my gal Heidi recommended I try something more natural like Sprayology’s SleepEase. You don’t have to sell your gay best friend too hard on a product billed as “a homeopathic, vitamin oral spray.” I mean the jokes are just too easy, right?

But there’s something to these chic little spray bottles of natural goodness. Some background: homeopathy is a system of medicine over 200 years old based on the premise that natural substances can be used to stimulate the body’s own healing. But how do you even know which homeopathic remedy is right for what ails you? Let’s face it, homeopathy sounds a little too earthy crunchy, and well, a little too earthy crunchy for globetrotting girls on the go. Enter Sprayology, founded by sisters Patti Connell and Ellie Whalen who were searching for something that filled their own needs—a desire to turn away from taking daily traditional medicines, to something that was natural, easy to understand, effective and enjoyable to use.

They’ve created a system of chic little 1.38 oz. bottles that would feel right at home on the make-up counter at Saks. The sprays are divided into 4 categories: Rejuvenates, Relieves, Restores and Rebuilds. Within each division, the various bottles are given clever names like “Life Detoxer” that helps clear the body of environmental toxins, and “Party Relief” which aids in recovery from too many cocktails. Best of all, the whole program is easy. A few sprays of SleepEase under the tongue before bedtime and the combination of chamomile, oats, valerian and hops naturally keeps me from reaching for that prescription bottle. I’m still working on cutting back the wine.

But I do have my eye on “Manpower” next. Hey, a fella needs a little help down there now and then.

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