Down Under Delights


Spa qualiaAfter a 30-hour journey to Australia, the last thing I want is to have someone’s hands touching me for 90 minutes (unless his name happens to be Hugh Jackman).  The fine folks at Spa qualia came to the rescue with the Kumali Ritual—a steaming ball of native herbs and spices dipped in Aussie macadamia and sweet almond oil, then massaged, pressed, and rolled over the entire body. My muscle aches and tension melted away, my circulation revived and skin looked refreshed.  I even got to keep the balls for use in the tub later (pun intended).

Unlike many spas around the globe that use products not from the country’s origin (who wants a French cream in Thailand?), Spa qualia uses LI’TYA (“of the earth”) and Sodashi (“wholeness, purity, and radiance”) both formulated from Australian native earth and plants.

Kumali is an aborigine word meaning “sacred,” and by the end of the treatment, I definitely felt healed—and ready to continue my jet lag recovery in the privacy of my secluded villa at qualia.  Recognize the name of the luxury resort?  Oprah fanatics should because she stayed just a few doors down from me on her Australian adventure.  And I can see why.

Tucked away on Hamilton Island in Australia’s Whitsundays near the Great Barrier Reef, the five-star qualia service begins the moment the plane touches down—no hanging around baggage claim.  The staff does that for you while they escort you right to the open-air lobby with spectacular views of the Whitsundays, and a glass of champagne.

But the real magic comes in the villas that are what I like to call Aussie chic—they take the best of the Asian-inspired private villa layout with plunge pools and decorate in a modern, sleek, comfortable and sexy style.  The only tough decision I had to make was where to lie down and take in the view—the tub, the bed, the outdoor couch or the pool.  The only thing lacking: Hugh Jackman.  Hey, a boy’s gotta dream, right?

Dishin’ Tip from you GBF (gay best friend): take the short ferry ride to the neighboring island that houses the Hamilton Island Golf Club and schedule a lesson with cutie Aussie lad Nattu. If you can take your eyes off the instructor, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Whitsundays.

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